Meme Machine at 2009

A new version of the Meme Machine will be launched as part of the art exhibition for the 2009 Linux Users' Conference in Hobart, to be held between the 19th and 24th of January, 2009 in the Sandy Bay Campus of the University of Tasmania.

The conference is a major event for the open source software community, attracting hundreds of delegates.

The Meme Machine software will be release publicly for the first time and delegates will be free to download and run the software.

Starting with a short text input, each explores the meme relationship of that idea across the internet into a database.

The nodes discover each other and network in conversations where they exchange information, conversing in small groups and responding to the last statement with something related to their own meme.

The sense that emerges from these juxtaposed fragments of many related sources is at times profound and moving, often ridiculous, and occasionally eerie in the emergent conscious qualities exhibited by the machines.