The Meme Machine has developed over several years and many exhibitions:

November 2006: Honours Graduation Exhibition, Plimsoll Gallery, School of Art, Hobart.

In the World Mind SMS gateway, live internet spider processes, projections, remediated video images, video sensing system.

November 2006

Delay, Change in Motion, Realisation. Large format digital prints. Entrepot Lounge Gallery, Hunter St Hobart.

September 2006: Interact @ Fed Square, Melbourne Digital Fringe Festival.

Image of Melbourne in the World Mind SMS gateway, live internet spider processes output to large scale outdoor video screen

The Pursuit of Truth and BeautyThe Pursuit of Truth and Beauty

March 2006: Solo Installation, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, Avago and Arcadia spaces.

The Pursuit of Truth and Beauty Interactive installation of an art making machine.

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The out of control roomThe out of control room

November 2005: Graduation Show, Emedia Labs, University of Tasmania.

The Out-of-Control Room 17 computers and projector, generative software, working together conducting a visual and aural narrative searching information culture for determinism (the nature of free will).

17 computers discuss the nature of free will for several days without reahing a conclusion.

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Installation stillInstallation still

September 2005: Open Day Exhibition. Video Studios, University of Tasmania School of Art.

All my girlfriends who ran away to Scottish rockers Variable dimensions. Three rooms, three computers, six screens, two stereo and one surround sound systems, generative software.

Five computers in three rooms discuss different aspects of the theme. As you move between the spaces, the juxtaposition of fragments creates sense.

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